Our Collection


    For the little person in your life

    Jerry &  Jo was created for you little one!

    Confident, curious, loved littlest you.

    With a big imagination and big dreams, the world is your playground to live out those dreams.

    Stay happy, stay kind, stay cheerfully young.

    Always be you!

    Your life has only just begun. 


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    The home of  Scandinavian kids fashion & the

    personalised headbands.

    All with a colorful pallet.

    Our wooden toy camera is handmade in the UK using local pine wood and organic paints.


    A child safe toy that has been CE tested.


    Made for movement and built for practicality. Our clothes and accessories are designed and made play friendly and ready for mini adventures.

    Eco - Friendly

    You can find that all of our clothing and

    accessories are all hand-sewn and hand-printed in the

    The UK.

    Our Personalised sweaters,

    T-shirts and accessories are made using

    Organic and recycled material

    Something for everyone

    We aim at creating products that reflect

    children's personalities and that

    brings joy to the person buying them

    and to the children wearing them.

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    Jerry & Jo Clothing Ltd

    85 Great Portland Street 

    First Floor, London 

    W1W  7LT

    United Kingdom

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