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How exciting to introduce you to Jerry & Jo!



Jerry & Jo is a London based,

Children's brand with Scandi roots designed by Swedish born designer Nanna,

for kids aged zero to six.


'Our products are designed with love for simplicity and contemporary color palettes. 
The collection consists of a year-round range of high-quality contemporary essentials.


We only use the softest fabric's, to ensure everyday comfort and practicality for your child.

The seamstresses we work with are based in the UK and are mothers with young children,

contributing to them being able to work from the comfort of their own home is something

we love to support.


So when you purchase our products you are also supporting a working Mama' : )
















'Our brand includes our popular Scandinavian Wooden Camera, Handmade in the UK using locally sourced material, Personalised Headbands and much more'